Trees / Palms

In botany, a tree is a perennial plant with an elongated stem, or trunk, supporting branches and leaves in most species.

Grass & Watering

•When grass needs water, it will begin to take on a blue-gray tint, and the older leaf blades on the plant will begin to curl up or wilt.
•Footprints will remain on the grass for longer than usual, as the grass won’t “bounce back.” When 30 to 50% of your lawn shows these symptoms, it’s time to water.

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Fertilizing Lawn

Fertilizers enhance the growth of plants. This goal is met in two ways, the traditional one being additives that provide nutrients. The second mode by which some fertilizers act is to enhance the effectiveness of the soil by modifying its water retention and aeration. This article, like most on fertilizers, emphasizes the nutritional aspect.

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Soil is the mixture of minerals, organic matter, gases, liquids, and the countless organisms that together support life on earth. Soil is a natural body known as the pedosphere and which performs four important functions: it is a medium for plant growth; it is a means of water storage, supply and purification;

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